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New Product Release


Bristle Blaster Wide

Twice as Wide

Three Times as Fast

The new Bristle Blaster Wide is a completely new style of drive unit. Powering 2 x 23mm Bristle Blaster Belts, the drive unit boasts soft and safety start, dead man switch and rope access lanyard attachment.

SE-1000-W-BMC Includes:

910W Drive Unit

6 x 23mm Bristle Blaster Belts,

2 x 23mm Adaptors (incl connecting piece)

46mm Accelerator Bar

Bristle Blaster Cordless

The new Bristle Blaster Cordless will be available soon. Designed for use with CAS-aligned batteries, 18v / 8ah. Enjoy for the first time, the true portability of a Bristle Blaster.

MBX Pneumatic NEW

The new Montipower MBX drive unit boasts additional features of variable speed and reverse direction (for sharpening Belts)

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