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New Product Release

Bristle Blaster Subsea

The Subsea Bristle Blaster is powered by water (salt or fresh). Safe and easy to use, the Subsea Bristle Blaster removes corrosion, coatings and mill scale with ease and at the same time, achieves surface roughness. Testing has proven the Subsea Bristle Blaster to be a more effective, easier to use and safer option than alternative methods. Contact MontiPower today to find out more about the Subsea Bristle Blaster.

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MontiCleantech Prepper

The Cleantech Prepper is designed for pipeline field joint preparation. It is up to 4 times faster than conventional grit blasting and will provide a consistent and measurable surface roughness. Results are measurable via software which is included from MontiPower. All of this without the environmental and safety concerns of alternative methods. Most importantly, there are no hazards, no environmental impact and you save time.

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