1987: Monti Werkzeuge GmbH was established by Werner Montabaur in Bonn, Germany. Very soon Detlef Thomas joined Werner and the two formed a formidable team; Werner responsible for production and product development and Detlef responsible sales and marketing.

1988: The first belt system was release, known as “Montipower”, a 43mm wide belt designed for the DYI retail market.

1992: The first patented 23mm belts were released as angle grinder and die grinder attachments.

1995: Monti invented and released the first inline pneumatic drive unit along with a patented adaptor system. In a very short time, the MBX gained global recognition throughout the automotive panel beating industry.

1996: Due to ever increasing demand for the MBX, Monti released the range of colour-coded belts that we still see today.

1997: The very first Vinyl Zapper was released to remove vinyl, stickers and adhesive from painted surfaces. This was Monti’s introduction into the sign writing industry.

2003: The first electric drive MBX was released together with the new 11mm belt.

2006: Revolutionary and ground breaking, the first Bristle Blaster and Bristle Blaster Belts were released; the only method of achieving surface cleanliness and roughness comparable to grit blasting. This new technology gave Monti its introduction into an entire new world of industries.

2011: The Die Blaster, with its narrow belts, perpendicular drive and accelerator bar is invented.

2019: Sees the introduction of the Bristle Blaster Subsea and revolutionary Cleantech Prepper.

MontiPower Pty Ltd is the sole importer of Monti Werkzeuge GmbH products for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia and a proud partner of Monti Group.