Concrete Repair & Reinforcement

It is often necessary to prepare concrete surfaces for reinforcement or coating.

When applying reinforcing, such as carbon fibre, it is imperative to remove the latent layer (smooth weak surface layer) in order to provide an anchor point for the resin in the reinforcement. The Bristle Blaster® will easily remove the latent layer of concrete thereby exposing the structural aggregate below.

Some safety and reflective coatings require a strong, clean substrate in order to adhere. The Bristle Blaster® will achieve a surface finish on concrete comparable to grit blasting.

In many areas – residential, office, railway stations, loading docks etc, it may not be practical to grit blast due to people commuting or working. The Bristle Blaster® can safely be used to remove existing coatings from concrete and provide an abraded and strong surface for the new coating to be applied.

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