Galvanizing Repair

One of the hardest features of performing on-site galvanizing repair is managing to achieve the optimum surface preparation. Other mechanical media can sometimes result in contamination of the surface from silicas and like foreign matter. It can often be difficult, with more aggressive media, to control the removal of the galvanized coating and in turn leave the essential layer of zinc.

The key to a good and long lasting galvanising repair is complete removal of corrosion and consistent surface roughness for good adhesion of cold-gal coating.

The Bristle Blaster® achieves a superior degree of cleanliness, with an anchor profile, providing an optimum surface for “cold-gal” repairs. The level of removal of galvanizing can easily be controlled, ensuring that the protective zinc layer remains. “Feathering” edges and existing galvanizing is easily achieved, allowing for overlay of new coating and better longer term performance of repairs. The Bristle Blaster® is also perfectly suited for the creation of friction joints between two galvanized surfaces.

The MBX® is perfectly suited to St2 and St3 preparation. The variety of MBX Belts from fine, through medium, to coarse, allow varied surface roughness to be achieved.


Products for Repairing Galvanised Surfaces to St3 or Sa2 1/2