Bristle Blaster

As conventional grit blasting, due to environmental or safety regulations, may not be applicable or permitted, the use of the Bristle Blaster® is highly recommended in the offshore sector.

With its light weight (1.2 kg / 2.6 lb) and ATEX approval, the Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic is the ideal solution for maintenance projects on assets such as offshore platforms, floating production vessels, and offshore wind turbine structures.

Bristle Blaster Subsea

All of a sudden surface preparation is possible, under water, to depths not previously seen, whilst achieving a surface cleanliness and anchor profile and no threat of environmental contamination from the process used. The Bristle Blaster Subsea can operate at depths beyond human scope without compromising the end result. Clean, environmentally friendly and safe to use, the Bristle Blaster Subsea is a must have for any subsea surface preparation.


  • Muehlhan
  • BILFINGER Offshore
  • Liebherr Kran Offshore
  • ExxonMobil
  • Shell
  • DCD Marine
  • BP
  • Stork Technikal Services
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